Hello customers, here is the buying guide at USS Coffee Roaster

Step 1: Customers send required information about products to the Business Consulting department of Vu Phong Industrial Co., Ltd by calling Hotline 0941.423.2200 (Zalo)

Step 2: Sales staff of Vu Phong Industrial Co., Ltd. will conduct consultations for Customers (phone, email, face-to-face meeting) in accordance with their needs, product specifications, place of receipt, and time. delivery time … according to the product that the Customer wants to buy. The staff then conducts a quote for the Customer corresponding to the product requested by the Customer.

Step 3: After the two sides agree on the price and delivery method, the USS Coffee Roaster begins to negotiate a contract to send to the customer. Sign a contract to buy a coffee roaster.
Depending on the form of payment, payment terms, amount paid by the customer… has signed a contract with the USS Coffee Roaster, the customer will make a form of payment to the Company corresponding to the content on the contract. .

Step 4: After receiving the deposit, we will proceed to produce the coffee roaster (In case the machine has been sold out in the company’s warehouse) within the period agreed in the contract. If the machine is available, we will test the machine and deliver the goods to you.

Step 5: Acceptance of the machine at the company’s factory, invite you to roast a few batches to test the machine before transporting it to your designated location.

Step 6: Deliver the machine at your location, guide the operation so that you can master the roasting technology. Acceptance of the machine and transfer to the warranty and maintenance policy for you.

Thank you for trusting and supporting the product of Coffee Roasting Machine produced by Vu Phong Industry Co., Ltd.


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STK: 1903 4591 781 017
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STK: 3151 0000 947 068
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Coffee Roaster Price List

Giá: 90,000,000 
Giá: 95,000,000 
Giá: 115,000,000 
Giá: 125,000,000 
Giá: 135,000,000