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USS Coffee Roaster – The best price

Coffee Roaster – The best price in the market for Coffee roasting machines.

USS Coffee Roaster with extensive experience in Manufacturing Coffee Roasters of all kinds from 3kg, 5kg… to 60kg, 120kg for coffee shops and factories. Proud to always bring quality products and customer support services by a team of responsible and professional staff.

The USS coffee roaster is manufactured at the factory and 100% Made in Vietnam, so the cost is in the best segment of the coffee roaster market in Vietnam. Visiting and roasting a few batches directly at the factory or Showroom before deciding to buy the product.

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USS Coffee Roaster

Giá: 135,000,000 
Giá: 125,000,000 
Giá: 115,000,000 
Giá: 95,000,000 
Giá: 90,000,000 

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